Temptation gave me a reason to feel this salvation
but guess again how wrong did I went just sticks in my hands.
Peace don't come in my mind, this life didn't give a dime,
pschotic dream begins...
Scars show all my sins I did 'em for you,
all my sins I got 'em from you,
you made me crawl and now I'm beated blind (beated blind).
My world is closed by my neurosis,
this blackened rose fills my harmony,
standing in this shit feelin' sick inside.

Counting shot needles in my skin, scarred body starts to pale,
ripping out my guts into peaces dead laugh when I crack.
Feeded by my endless greed, hell! I can't even say "hey please!?"
just gotto scream & roar!
(Chorus + aft-cho)
My love after love is changing cutting cold,
scarred body's aching devil sold me out,
pulse exploding you made me sick inside!

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