Smokin' cigarettes, got a hold of me
long before the summer of 1993
Barley hops and Moutain Dew
used to be my golden rule
long before I graduated school

But the one that got to me
brought me damn near off my feet
Came up like a Southern Breeze
brought me to knees...

My Only Bad Habit
comes with lovin' you
Cause I dont think about u
much as I want me to
And if it gives me cancer
and if it gives me shakes
Well its one of my habits baby
I'm not gonna break
No Surgeon General's
gonna tell me what to do
My only Bad Habit baby
comes with lovin' you

Had my bought with maryjane
she damn near drove me insane
to the point that she had to hit the road
Wild Turkey gimmes thrills
only when its slightly chilled
Then again its kinda getting old

Promise that I'll make to you
you won't ever not feel new
you're the one that gets to me
you knowck me off my feet...

(chorus) x2

No surgeon general's gonna tell me what to do
my only bad habit baby comes with lovin you

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