I see shadows following me, Tripping on the edge of my dreams. Hanging on my fractured
Reality. Suck Sucking me into cold death finality. I see vespers slither on my bed edge,
waiting to dive into the darkness in my head. Seducing, but I'm not giving in. Fuck fucking
me into raw lung dried capillary death. And all the while, my life passed before me. The
angel of death stared at me laughing. I'll summon the fires within me, to fight to survive this
tick tock time bomb of a body. This breath is a fresh breath, And i'll use it to fight the
doctors of death, this breath is a fresh breath. I'd like to burn till I'm skeletonized..
starve off all these parasites... a missle for security, A chemical for longevity, i've got
no air to breathe.

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