Praise be the blood of the Serpent of Chaos.
Rise from the ABSU, serpent of the (salted) sea.
Bless us with your kiss of Immortality.

Bring forth the blood of the almighty MUMMU TIAMAT.
Serpent of Chaos,
from the mountains of MASHU I invoke thee.
Praise be the Blood of KINGU that lives on in these veins.
Awaken Shadowed Dragon, Vengeance shall be yours!

I chant the words of Chaos,
as my astral spills forth across the veil of the Abyss,
unto the heavens I ascend,
with thine sword drawn for battle...
for blood must be shed,
before the temple of the serpent.

For Blood she has risen and blood she shall have.
I spill forth the crimson offering,
I summon thee with thine own blood.
I chant the ancient tongues... AVE CALIX SANGUINIS DOM TIAMAT.

On through the depths of NAR-MATTARU the
haunting calls resonate throughout the astral planes,
for the call of the serpent runs deep within the shadows of the gate beyond the stars.
I spill forth the blood unto the altar,
I scry into the scarlet sacrament of wisdom.
I gaze into the dragon's eyes,
I unleash the darkness of KINGU upon the throne of Light.
Hail Draconis, towards the Moon spread your wings!

(By Vampir Scorpios Fall 1995 © SERPENTLUST ARTS)

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