I'm 25, women ain't that attractive anymore..
i'm into alcohol, drugs and breakin' the law..

Broken down on a 1 way street amongst the traffic flow..
how long can i take this and let this go?..
i'm a guiena pig who takes ecstacy..
never knew what the effects could be...
i've been found half dead in an abandoned house..
i've been nicknamed the human mouse..
i was out last night don't know what i've said..
recovering in my best friend's bed..

Chorus- 'So when you find out that your girlfriend don't love ya, its about time you tried accupuncture, stop stickin' the needles in my bloodstream, stopin makin' the voices in my head scream..commiting your days to leathargy..my own heads burnin' effigy...

Conclusion is i'm a drug dealer, drivin' round in my Ford Cortina..
in my dreams i can't find my feet, in the process of blowin' up my street..
a tear falls from before my eye as i assure my mum i do not lie...
severe pains, overflowing debt..my whole life's become a nervous wreck..

Chorus x 2
You're Braindead...nothin more then braindead..nothin more then brain....dead

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