Now, if I were a bricklayer I wouldn't build just anything
And if I were a ball player I wouldn't play no second string
And if I were some jew lry, baby, Lord, I'd have to be a diamond ring.

If I were a secret, Lord, I never would be told.
If I were a jug of wine, Lord, my flavor would be old.
I could be most anything but lt got to be twenty-four carat solid gold, oh.

If I were a gambler you know I'd never lose
and if I were a guitar player, Lord, I'd have to play the blues.

If I were a hacksaw my blade'd be razor sharp
And if I were a politician I could prove that monkey talk.
You can find the tallest building, Lord, I'd have me the house on top.

I'm the penthouse pauper, I got nothing to my name.
I'm the penthouse pauper, baby, I got nothing to my name.
I can be most anything, when you got nothin' it's all the same.

- John C. Fogerty

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