Date: Tue, 4 Nov 1997 20:56:39 -0500
From: Jeff A Hayes
Subject: CRD: c/creed/whats_this_life_for.crd
What's This Life For
My Own Prison
Tuning: Standard (EADGBE)
I'm just going to include the rhythm to this song, since there's
Not much lead. They're probably not hard to figure out
Or improvise anyway...
Intro, Verse, and Chorus
G D B5 C5
1. Hurray for a child that makes it theough
If there's any way, because the answer lies in you
There laid to rest before they know just what to do
Their sould are lost because they could never find
Ch. What's this life for (repeat)
2. I see your soul, it's kind of gray
I see your heart, you look away
You see my wrist, I know your pain
I know your purpose on your plane
Don't say a last prayer because you could never find
Ch. What's this life for (repeat)
But they ain't here anymore
C (Cmaj7)
Don't have to settle the score
Am (Amsus2) D
Cause we all live
C (Cmaj7) G
Under the reign of one king
...And just repeat the outro, with variations on the lyrics
(i.e. "don't have to settle no goddamn score", etc.)
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