walking around i hear the earth seeking relief
i'm trying to find a reason to live
but the mindless clutter my path
oh these throns in my side
i know i have something free
i have something so alive
i think they shoot 'cause they want it

i feel forces all around me
come on raise your head
those who hide in the shadows
live with all that's dead

look at me...look at me
at least look at me when you shoot a bullet through my head
through my head
through my head
through my head

in my lifetime when i'm disgraced
by jealousy and lies
i laugh aloud 'cause my life
has gotten inside someone else's mind


hey all i want is what's real
something i touch and can feel
i'll hold it close and never let it go
said why...why do we live life
with all this hate in side
i'll give it away 'cause i don't want it no more
please help me find a place
somewhere far away i'll go and you'll never see me again

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