Album: SIRENA (2002)
So this is not the place
And these are not the times
I hear my bell
a-tollin' now
the stars begin to shine
Salome, Salome I,
Salome the love we made
Between us Has become
the hunted kind
And I recall
I surrendered
I saw you dancing barefoot
In the garbage and the leaves
And we were small,
worn and tender
Salome the games we played
Woke the dogs who
prey on me
Prey on me
Cos Salome,
Salome maybe
Salome maybe between you and me
We'd have made some history
Salome I,
Salome, if it's all the same,
Whatever did become of me,
of me
And I'll be there,
I'll wait for you
I'm hearing in the distance there's
a bird that calls my name
Cos Salome
I adored you,
Salome the very flame
That licked us has become
fair game
Fair game

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