С аккордами

A Twat Called Maurice (с аккордами)
Bigger Shoe
Black And Blue
Brutal Tooth (с аккордами)
Brutal Tooth
Butterside Down
Bye Bye Fatman (с аккордами)
Bye Bye Fatman
Chop Suicide
Dear James
Do The Duchess
Gentle Persuasion
Glory Hole
Heavy Metal Winner
Heavy Metal Winner (с аккордами)
Hello Sailor
Home Again
King Kong Song
Lead The Way
Nicky Fry
Nonsense Cone
Odd Man Out
On The Take Again
Out On Your Own
Promoter Head
Same Way Twice
Something To Do
Start Living (с аккордами)
Start Living
Sunnyside Up
Take It On The Chin
Twat Called Maurice
Understand Me
Wake Up With A Smile (с аккордами)
Wake Up With A Smile