The dirty leaves are sailing
On a hot wind ocean
And the summer comes
And the summer goes and always has & will
And something somewhere
That you said goes ricochet
All through my head
And flashing like a neon sign
The time stand still

Hours of forever, coming all together
at the crossroads of a minute.
And you and me were in it
and I never saw it coming.
never saw it fade away
today, today, today....Days and Days

And still the whining of the wheels
Sounds closest to the way I fell and
Winter comes, and winter goes.
And always has & will
Another hour, another day, another year
You pissed away
Remember walking in the Rain?
I'm walking there still.


Like every heart to the beat before
And every wave to kiss a shore
I'm not the first, I'm not the last...
And soon to be your past
But every morning, when the light
Comes creeping in around my eyes
Another future falls behind
The one I had in mind

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