10 Speed Gods Blood Burial
A Favor House Atlantic
A Favor House Atlantic (с аккордами)
Always & Never
Always And Never
Apollo I: The Writing Writer
Blood Red Summer
Bonus Track From Iksse_3
Bye Bye Beautiful (с переводом)
Crossing The Frame
Cuts Marked In The March Of Men (с аккордами)
Cuts Marked In The March Of Men
Delirium Trigger
Delirium Trigger (с аккордами)
Devil In Jersey City
Devil In Jersey City (с аккордами)
Disciple's Anthem
Elf Power
Everything Evil
Final Cut
God Send Conspirator
Godfather's Lollipop
Hearshot Kid Disaster
I Robot (с аккордами)
I'm Going To Kill You
I, Robot (Hidden Track)
In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth (с аккордами)
In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth 3
In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth 3 (с аккордами)
In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth_ 3
Junesong Provision
Junesong Provision (с аккордами)
Keeping The Blade
Mother May I
Mother Superior
Once Upon Your Dead Body
Ring In Return (с аккордами)
Second Stage Turbine Blade
Sister Christian
Star Cecil
Strong Short
Ten Speed (Of God's Blood & Burial)
The Crowing
The Final Cut (с переводом)
The Light & The Glass
The Lying Lies & Dirty Secrets Of Miss Erica C
The Ring In Return
The Running Free
The Suffering
The Velourium Camper Iii_ Al The Killer
The Velourium Camper Ii_ Backend Of Forever
The Velourium Camper Ii_ Blackened Of Forever
The Velourium Camper I_ Faint Of Hearts
The Willing Well Iii_ Apollo Ii_ The Telling Truth
The Willing Well Ii_ From Fear Through The Eyes Of
The Willing Well Iv_ The Final Cut
The Willing Well I_ Fuel For The Feeding End
Three Evils (Embodied In Love And Shadow)
Three Evils Embodied In Love (с аккордами)
Three Evils Embodied In Love And Shadow (с аккордами)
Time Consumer (с аккордами)
Time Consumer
Wake Up
Welcome Home
[Hidden Track]