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'Til I Fell For You
A Country Boy Can Survive (Y2K Verison)
Bingo Bull's-Eye
Going The Distance
Hey Mister
I Ain't Cryin'
I Wonder Where Love Goes
I'd Like To See You Try
I'd Love To Love You
If i Were You
If I Were You (Chad Brock With Mark Wills)
If It Were Up To Me
Lightning Does The Work
Livin' In Las Vegas
Love Lives (events of The Heart)
Ordinary Life
Park The Pickup (Kiss The Girl)
Population Minus One
She Does
Tell Me How
The Lie
The Thought Of Bein' In Love
The Visit
Unbreak My Heart (с переводом)
You Had to be There
You Made A Liar Out Of Me
Young Enough to Know it All