Acapulco Gold
All Girls Are Fly
Apathy Revolution
Apple Core
Arabian Derby
Bad Bad Boy
Beautiful Loser
Beautiful Sailor
Bleed (с аккордами)
Blow The Millenium, Part 2
Blow The Millennium, Blow
Blues Song
Branding A Mountain
Bulimic Beats
Dazed Beautiful Bruised
Dead From The Waist Down
Dead From The Waist Down (Radio Version)
Difrycheulyd (Snail Ambition)
Do You Believe In Me
Don't Need The Sunshine
Don't Wanna Talk About It
Dont Need The Sunshine (с табами)
Dont Need The Sunshine (с аккордами)
Dream On (с аккордами)
Dream On
Fall Beside Her
For Tinkerbell (с аккордами)
For Tinkerbell
Game on (с табами)
Game On
Goldfish and Paracetamol
Gyda Gwen
Gyda Gwen (Secret Track)
I am The Mob (с табами)
I Am The Mob
I'm Cured
Imaginary Friend
Imaginary Friend (с аккордами)
Immediate Circle
Indigo Blind
Infantile (с аккордами)
Intercontinental Sigh
International Velvet (с табами)
International Velvet (с аккордами)
International Velvet
Is Everybody Here On Drugs
Is Everybody Here On Drugs_
Johnny Come Lately (с табами)
Johnny Come Lately
Jump Or Be Sane
Karaoke Queen
Lost Cat (с аккордами)
Lost Cat
Mantra For The Lost
Mother Of Misogyny
Mulder And Scully (с табами)
Mulder and Scully (с переводом)
My Selfish Gene (с аккордами)
My Selfish Gene
New Mercurial Heights
No Stone Unturned
Nothing Hurts
Nothing Hurts .
Painful (с аккордами)
Part Of The Furniture
Post Script
Road Rage (с табами)
Road Rage
Road Rage (с аккордами)
Roadrage (с табами)
Selfish Gene (с табами)
Selfish Gene (с аккордами)
She's a Millionaire
Shoot The Messenger
Shore Leave
Some Half Baked Idea (с аккордами)
Some Half Baked Idea Called Wonderful
Some Half Baked Ideal Called Wonderful
Stone By Stone
Storm The Palace
Strange Glue
Strange Glue (с аккордами)
Sweet Catatonia
Sweet Catatonia (с аккордами)
That's All Folks
The Ballad Of Tom Jones
This Boy Can't Swim
To & Fro
To And Fro
Village Idiot
Way Beyond Blue
Way Beyond Blue Album (с табами)
What It Is
Why I Can't Stand One Night Stands
Why i Cant Stand One Night Stands (с табами)
Why I Cant Stand One Night Stands (с аккордами)
You Can
You Can (с аккордами)
You've Got a Lot to Answer For
Youve Got A Lot To Answer For (с аккордами)