Sun is the reason
And the world it will bloom
Cause sun lights the sky
And the sun lights the moon

Sun is the reason
All the happy trees are green
Then who can explain
The light in your dream

Sit you down
Sit you down young gentlemen
Theres something I want you to know
You keep on asking me
You keep on asking me why
Why are we here ?
It started a long time ago
Me & your mum on the night
Yeh Yeh Yeh ..we met

I was on the road again
She was in C79
Ill never never forget
Ill never forget that night no..

We met in a back road
Behind the stage
She had the best figure by far
Huh a thousand hours Ive looked at her eyes but I
Still dont know what colour they are
Me & your mum on the night

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