i'm so scared that the way that i feel
is written all over my face
when you walk into the room
i wanna find a hiding place
we used to laugh we used to hug
the way that old friends do
but now a smile and a touch of your hand
just makes me come un-glued
its such a contradiction
do i lie or tell the truth
is it fact or fiction
oh the way i feel for you

youre so complicated
i'm so frustrated
i wanna hold you close
i wanna push you away
i wanna make you go
i wanna make you stay
should i say it
should i tell you how i feel
oh i want you to know
but then again i dont
youre so complicated.

just when i think i'm under control
i think i finally got a grip
another friend tells me that
my name is always on your lips
they say i'm more then just a friend
they say i must be blind
well i'll admit that i see you watch me
from the coner of my eye
oh its so confusing
well i wish you just confess
but think of what i'd be losing
if your answer wasnt yes


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