9 bells came too early this
poppin' my face, the
shower is warming up
last night was fuled by
the juices of buddies all
waiting at school for the
latest news

...no they're not gonna
hear nothing from no one
won't believe with whom
i've been
if they ask, i won't give
any information
i'm sentanced to life and
i'm trippin' on my laces

i went to her house looking
for affection
i found her brother and i
found a new direction
i don't know what it is that
i like
when my head says i'm
wrong but my heart tells
me i'm right

i don't know if i was born
this way
i only know i'm different
maybe my friends will be
there for me someday
but for now i just zip it and
i trip it on my laces again

if i knew
i wouldn't tell you.

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