i've been around this world
a thousand times in my head
and i've seen all the faces that
pissed me off over the years
won't you come into my light so i can see you clearly
i didn't look when i had the chance
i've read all the books i needed to in grammer school
and i've heard all the diciplines and golden rules
won't you feed my little frong
he's resting in the driveway
with his heart on the outside of his mouth
so where's your heart?

i've dreamed of cowboys dancing with the navajo
and i've hurt alot of people with impatience uncontrolled
don't you want to dance
and put me in a trace
with my heart in my hair?
so where's your heart?

i blew a booger
that i'd swear had it's own spinal cord
and i've scream at heroes dropping
to their knees on centre court
could you please pass me the salt...
then place yourself at fault when i choke it down?

i've felt the earth move
n'made the flagpole bend
and i've flown with the eagles
in search of a friend
the pilot said "have no fear,
but we have no landing gear...
so i think it's all about to end."

i saved a dying man
who kissed his face with a gun
and he smiled and told me
that his fun had just begun
he said, "...my life's so imcomplete
.. and i cannot feel my feet ...
could you please help me find my ear?"
i said, "i think it's over here...
but where's your heart?"

cause i've been around this world one thousand times...

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