Home watching Star Trek
Everything's o.k.
Little do I know
Soviet missiles are on the way
The bastards set loose
The wardogs Tyr and Loki
Weatherman's predicting rain
But fire it'll be

Minutemen launching, Air-sirens haunting
Warheads detonating, Cremating

I'm living at - Ground Zero
I'm dying at
I'm burning at
I'm frying at

>From my bed I hear the sirens
Screaming of foreboding
Populous escaping highways overloading
Bridge is down tunnel's flooded
Only got six minutes
Head between my legs I kiss my balls goodbye
They're finished

MX's blasting, Skyscrapers crashing
Fallout liberated, We're wasted

Jesus I beg of thee
Don't take my life
Return me to the womb

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