*(This song is made out as the same person rapping but just the multiple personalities at a time. a line by the Suicidal personality will be S and By the Homicidal one is H)

S- Yo growing up, my life sucked never had a bitch
My best friend was fucked up always getting clit
I was the one who followed
Wasn't followed, thought I was smart but my fucking head was hollow
Maybe thats cause I was shot when I turned eight
Walking the fuck out of my house to my front porch gate
I always figured I'd die before I got famous
H- An infamous motherfucker was the only one who coulda dreamt this
I always listened to the rap shit
Always thought how cool Eminem is cause on every album he can kill his bitch
O well no different from my own life
Except I'm 13 no girlfriend let alone a wife
S- No friends, one day I'll day, jump off building land in the grass
Shit noone will give a fuck about my ass
Suicidal tendencies fucking with my head
Nobody'll ever give a fuck about me when I'm dead

S & H- Split personality
H-Ones a killer
S-Ones a killer of myself
S&H- My mentality
S- Is to be stiller
H- Is to stiller, stiller of health

H- I hate the game
I hate the player (Haha!)
F**k that I'm the #1 player
Duct Taper
Body shaper
The first verse was dedicated to my suicide
This one is for the motherf**king homicide
With my gun, I'll shoot any b***h who crosses my path
Even my own blood would feel my motherf**king wrath
K**l you in two seconds
With an AK-47
Pull out my Chrome 45
Five seconds later you ain't even alive
I'd just watch the f**k out if you coming my way
Come closer, I'll s**t your throat if you don't hear what I say
I'm f**king everything up I do
This is the motherf**king s**t how I k**l you

S & H-Split personality
H- Ones a killer
S- Ones a killer of myself
S&H- My mentality
S- Is to be stiller
H- Is to be stiller, stiller of health

S- My own mother didn't know I had a mind like this
Confined as this, just dont know I f**k like this
So f**king pissed
My brain don't exist
I think I'm shoot myself if you catch my gyst
H- Shut the f**k up, your not killing us
Till I bust
The phat s**t I got to
Give props to
The pioneers of this rap game
Who are all f**king dead cuz they got in my way
S- S**t, what the f**k is wrong with this

H- F**k the world!!!!!

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