This is Jane Donner for Channel 69 News

Rapper Carnagie has just taken 300 people hostage at this school

He is slowly letting students out but all teachers are still in

Noone really knows whats going on in there

Excuse me!

Student:(High) Yeh
Jane: Hello I'm Jane Donner for Channel 69 News

Student:(High) Haha! You said 69

Jane: Yes Thats the station this is on Live TV

Student: Yo! What up to Chris, Jon, Baker, Timmy, my girl Lisa, our 2 month anniversary was last nite

Jane:Thats nice whats goin on in there

Student: You know that awesome rapper Carnagie well he came in with 4 guns and 40 pounds of dope and he gave some out yo hes a nice man

Jane: Whats he doing to the teachers

Student: I dunno but he let me go

Jane: Ok Thank you, please stay with Channel 69 to stay updated on this breaking story this is Jane Donner

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