whoa..yeah..ahh.whoa, ooo.

Ah common a rose for you
A simple flower that only blooms in June
Or when you come around
and, those things we like to do
like taking walks along the park,
and holding hands, with my lover friend

Whoa, (thats what you are)
ah huh (thats what you are)
uh huuh (the way you've always been)
the way you've always been (ehh everyday)
thats what you are(thats what you are)
uh huh (and i'll love you till the end)
oh yeah

Love wrapped in my cacoon
kept inside but soon the world we truly see
what you really mean
and these words may be over due
but i can only tell how much i've really changed
all because of love i get from you

HOOK, fade till the end

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