(Lyrics : Walker, Music : Steer)
Prognathous gears grind,
So diligent and serrated they mesh,
Toothed cogs chum,
So trechant, against soft flesh,
Worked to the bone,
Up to the hilt, depredated,
Raw materialism,
To stoke the furnaces,
Toiling, rotting,
Life slowly slips away,
Consumed, inhumed,
In this mechanized corruption line,
By mincing machinery industrialised - pulped and pulverised,
Enslaved to the grind.

Blood, sweat, toil, tears,
Arbeit macht frei/fleisch.

Grave to the grind.

(Lead - Amott)

Inimitable gears twist,
To chum a living grave,
Stainless cogs shredding,
Scathing pistons bludgeon and flail,
Stripping to the bone,
Retund mandrels levigate,
Just raw material,
Your pound of flesh for the suzerain,
Toiling, rotting,
Life slowly dissipates,
Consumed, inhumed,
In a corruption line, mechanized,
By mincing machinery, industrialized - crunched and brutalised,
A grave to the blind.

(Lead - Steer)

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