I feel like these days are full of sadness
what am i supposed to do i refuse all my madness
i feel like ill never have someone to stop me
forever i feel like i need to drop what hurts me

Stop the things youve done to me
stop it now and do it again NEVER
im never coming home to you
you dont deserve me
these scars bind me
and you can never catch me

Todays the day i throw it all away
i think todays the day i give it away
its time to put the past where it belongs
wave good bye and say my so-longs


Im never going alone
im never coming home
its time for my glamour
and I do it all alone

I have much better things to do than to go home
I swear the things no one ever told me hurt most
Its the smiles now that wont haunt me
its the people that care that help it never catch me

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