Driving lonely streets you drive late at night
You have no destination in your mind
The thoughts in your head mix with lights on the street
The music blares as your soul unwinds

To the interstate we go
With your head out the window and
You have the urge to scream
"I am alive"

At 85
Yellow lines become your friends
When the headlights are your enemies
(I am alive)
On this interstate drive

All you know is you need to get out of here
No traffic ahead, no need to stear clear
The speed limit signs mean nothing to you
As you speed down this interstate tonight

Three lanes of you swerving and staying awake
Theres nothing left in your life for them to take
So you speed on ahead no cares in the world
But your losing your mind and the streetlights twirl



I don't, know where, I am, going, or where, i'm coming from
All i know is that I am alive

(Guitar solo)

Too late at night, no sleep
Music's up loud so you stay awake
You swerve off the road and you almost hit a tree
Thats the price you might pay to live free



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