[Ras] The beginnin of the end niggaz!
[Can] Yeah, we gon' rock this shit forever
The alpha and the omega
The Canibus'll make your eyes redder
FUCK y'all niggaz talkin bout cheddar
[Ras] Brought to you by your millennium group, The Horsemen
[Can] Four swordsmen
[Ras] From the land of the lost
[Can] Ras Kass, Killah Priest and Kurupt wit Can-i-bus
Throw your 4's up or get your vocal cords cut MOTHERFUCKER
[Both] Wavin the four-four!

I'm headless nigga, but I packs a big piece
Blastin, they let assassins loose on the street
Murderous notes I wrote, I lacerate throats
I toss fire at niggaz; motherfuck the six
The condos is supposed to be flip bricks
All thirty-nine of your bitches, pretty-ass bitch nigga
I'll throw some fucked up kicks on
Next is a small tank top, the spot, shot it up
Beat you in your face wit a rope knotted up
Cause we don't give a fuck, the Headless Horseman Kurupt
See I'm off the wall nigga, Horsementality
I'm a Horseman nigga and that's all I'll be
See I'm tired of the sparkly shit, niggaz talkin shit
I wanna see the streets dark again
Let the heaters spark again, police callin all cars often
Powerful as a motherfuckin Vulcan
My specialty is - poetically lyrically energetically
Ultramagnetically Dogg Pound pedigree
Fuck the shiny shit, fuck a bitch, only grimy shit
Dirty shit, holocaust in thirty-thirty shit
Missile flick assassin Sicilian
Kill women and kill men, and kidnap children
For vengeance in the name of the Horsemen
Slice your Achilles tendon, the Headless Horseman
And we abide by, the code of the streets
The makings of a real MC (C...C...C...C) yeah bitch!

So just abide by what you ride by
Cause we abide, by what we ride by
Just abide by what you ride by
Cause we abide, by what we ride by

[Killah Priest]
What the fuck y'all done started; four apocalypic prophets
Appearin outta floatin objects, wearin Middle Eastern garments
Long trenchcoats with our hands in our pockets

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