I'll splatter your brain matter, the quick-draw McGraw jaw tapper
My lyrics hit harder than pissed off line backers
So exercise caution, I shatter jaws like porcelain
Mess around and get your life span shortened
Cuz I'm the ultimate evil, terrorizin people
I'll handcuff your neck to a movin vehicle
Then I'll put your block scene on lock like a swat team
Cuz I'm totin 4 pound glocks wit infrared beams
It seems so stupid that you wanna battle us
When we know rhymes like Einstein knows calculus
So don't be doubtin my shit, cuz I'm the Canibus
And I got more lines than a million K-Swiss
Without a question, without a shadow of a doubt
I'll kill the last dragon and drink the last Dragon-Stout
Niggaz runnin off at the mouth but they just cowards afraid of my powers
I make niggaz piss in they trousers!!!!

For hip hop heads, I provide the Ultimate High
Canibus is the difference between Harvard and Devry
See I deliver lyrical blows that pose a potential threat
To any emcees I’ve ever met
Or will meat, I can’t be defeated or beat
Lyrically I got more lines than streets
So if you got beef, you better speak now or forever hold your peace
Cuz I’m comin from the stomach of the beast
Representin the East coast from boarder to boarder
I’ll battle this whole planet in alphabetical order
From A to Z or whatever the case be
My brain waves beat against the rocks like the sea
See my style is every color in the spectrum
Your style is plain like trains without vandalism
Steady blindin niggaz when I be shinin
Holdin the sun in my hand I’ll walk across the horizon
My I.Q. number has six zero’s behind it
I possess the power to sleep with open eyelids
On a metaphysical level, I’ll make you burst into flames just by lookin at a picture of you
In fact, whenever I put the match to the Buddha
My brain cells become parallel to a computer
Gatherin thoughts and speeds that light couldn’t exceed
Test scores that Japanese overseas can’t believe
When I’m around other emcees I don’t know how to behave
I feel like a metal plate in a microwave
Takin niggaz beyond the lyrical speed limit
Diggin graves and dumpin bodies in it when I’m finished
Attract this shit like a musical magnet
I free flows in binary codes and talk to faxes
Liftin weights and takin amino acids
Sprintin through marathons like they was 60 yard dashes
My reactions will hit you before your pro-action hit me
Think about it, it’s deep
My fan club got more followers than the Grateful Dead groupies
And my SAT scores got aliens trynna recruit me
Cuz lyrically I got superhuman abilities
And I’ll make a mockery of anybody for drillin me
I get madd respect in this rap game
Emcees like you could only call me by my last name
You came out of a woman’s woom
I came out of a space pod I’m a alien, a lyrical god
You gotta find 20 niggaz like god just to even the odds wit me
My philosophies are iller than Socrates
I’ll damage your physical with my verbal
My balance enables me to square dance in a circle
To me your like a nigga trynna jump a normal niggaz hurdle
And word to my unborn child I’ll hurt you....
Experiment on you like a mad scientist
And if my lyrics drive you crazy my fist will be the psychiatrist!!!!!!!!!

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