I could tell a story, but I cannot wake my husband up from sleep
I could have married others says the actress in a
pornographic film

Oh mother o mother of mine
I'm not saying this love is wrong, just that I need a ride
And if you, o mother o mother of mine
Have fallen in love with a man who imports cola, that would be fine

Though he has a good job
I hope he has a friend among the polit-o-bureau
His eyebrows grow together
People in the office are bound to talk

And as the full moon comes
And the have all gone [run?] off to die in peace
And as the scent grows strong
I hope you make it to the bank by 8 a.m.

Mother's plucking eybrows, seem to grow while she is fast asleep
There are explanations
That seem to matter less and less each passing day

And as the full moon comes, etc....

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