Could today have got any worse
I've got dog crap in my hair
And I think I've been cursed
Dog Crap in my hair
I tryed to wash it out
But my showers bust
I wacked my nose on a chair
And I think I've been cursed
Cursed from the devil
Cursed from the pyramids
Cursed from a witch
Life is such a bitch
Repeat Chorus
Such a bitch
(Guitar solo)
Repeat Chorus
My cat pissed in my trainers
I went out for a run
I thought I was getting sweaty
When I knew it wasn't fun
Was not funny
I locked myself out
And saw my oven on
I smashed a window to get in
My chickens overdone
Repeat Chorus
Lost my ticket to a gig
Now I'm done #50
Slipped up in public
People took the mick
Repeat Chorus x2
Dog crap in my hair
Showers bust, need to repair
Wacked my nose on a chair
Pissed in trainers life's unfair
Repeat Chorus x2

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