Yeah (Uh)
The Rulership (Word)
Anarchy niggas (Yeah yeah)
Spliff Starr (Spliff Starr)
Bus-a-bus (Bus-a-bus)
Roc Marci (Roc Marci)
Rah Digga (Rah Digga)
Baby Sham (Baby Sham)
Rampage (Rampage)
Another Voyage nigga (Another one)

[Busta Rhymes]
Come on

[Busta Rhymes]
Here we go again
Y'all niggas know we have to give it to you
Here we go again
Now feel this banger while it's running through you
Here we go again
We come to hit y'all with that nigga music
Here we go again
More shit for y'all gon hear the drug abuse it
Here we go again
Now watch the way we always blow the spot

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