Watch me get down and just do my thing baby *5
Oh let me do my thing baby
Watch me get down and just do my thing baby *2

Open up your door
Let me on in,
I just be wonderin'
If i could do my thing baby
Yo, think fast before I get all in your ass
In your frame like plexiglass
You motherfuckers be actin' like you
Don't know the half
You and your whole staff make me laugh
Ha ha ha ha ho
Yo, you meed to sing my song
With your similar features like Olivia Newton-John
Damn, oh! I make the whole place warm
Then hit you with some shit that make you niggas look deformed
Now, stay tuned to every Busta Rhymes
Coming soon, I will King-Kong on niggas like gorrila monsoon soon
Yo, what seems to be the whole analyses
Busta Rhymes just be ripping shit like miraculas
Bang you on your head so hard, shit be forming callouses
Let be get this loot so we can move up in these palaces


When I step in the place
You should keep your mouth closed
Take your fat finger out your nose
You should just pay attention
And watch how I wild on records
Make you sing "The Lord is my sheperd"
In the process I do away with all nonsense
Hit you with magic like my name was Pocahontas
The dred gon' make you party 'till you dead
Niggas quick to talk shit ,oops!, upside your head
Put your head to bed
Let me do my thing
'nuf said
Shit so hot make your chicken head do the spread
Tell me what you said
I said I never lead you mislead
While you bullshit
I rather get the loochie instead
Ha, hu, ha, he, ha

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