(feat. Sherm)
Doctor Wolfgang I heard you was a mastermind of crimes baby
and I'd like you to break it down for me
and have a nigga know about the criminal aspects
and it’s subliminal criminal aspect of a brother's life and all that ...
Man, nigga you need to get in, get out and get something
(I need some of that muthafunkin dollarbill)
Nigga what, ain’t nobody given me no handouts (break it down for me)
Yeah I’ma tell you how it goes
[Verse 1: Bushwick Bill]
It ain’t your average crime, it fits one of mines
I tried to warn ‘em at first but I’ve got to prove it this time
They call me Chuck Wick, the 5th ward, hard crippler
Niggas think I’m the devil, bitches hail me like Hitler
But still, I’m real with these skills that I’ve mastered
Peelin your caps backwards so I’ve never been captured
So I’m physically and mentally relentless
I live for the killing, and Chuckie’s my accomplice
And me, I’m a psycho coma
Killer with the skills, releasin these tales of drama
That fuck around and sell a million copies still
Motherfucking coppers wanna watch me chill
That lets me know I'm on they brain
so they're never out my range, cause I'm shootin like Danny Ainge
Dumpin two clips minimal, now I’m at your funeral
Should’ve never fucked with the subliminal criminal
It’s the subliminal criminals at the door
The enemies didn’t know they had a loaded 4-4
And he's cockin his Glock, each one is gon’ drop
(and your wicked) just can’t be stopped
[Verse 2: Sherm]
Well it's Sherm, who dat comin up to the bath, as I rat-tat-tat-tat
Grab yo gat and watch your fucking back
This ain’t no ho-gang, bitch, it's on the real
So you best to be packin your steel, or you bitch be getting killed
Jackings and robberies ain't nothin but hobbies
So you best to check your vest and don’t be rollin by me sloppy
Cos I’ma jack you, fool I’ma get you
9 millimeter spray hit you bitch and let ya split ya
So knuckle down or motherfucker knuckle up
‘Bout to get fucked all that Chucks
So don’t push your motherfucking luck
357, 9 millimeter, or the Tec-9 shine
If I see bitch-made pulling next to me I can be goin for mine
Old-school motherfucker, but I’m only 18
Steppin hard for the scene, in ’95 you gon’ see what I mean
Fillin up the hospital, stressin out my mental
So say what’s up to a subliminal criminal
Dr. Wolfgang Von Buschwicken The Barbarian Mother-funky Stay High Dollar Billstir
is gonna break down what makes up a subliminal criminal
and why it’s a white-collar crime
["Subliminal":] below the threshold of conscious perception
inadequate to produce conscious awareness
["Criminal":] of evolvin or havin the nature of a person
who has committed or being legally convicted guilty of a crime
It is shameful and disgraceful that you don’t know what time it is

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