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Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2000 16:46:31 -0700
From: Paul
Subject: b/bush/the_chemicals_between_us.crd

Artist: Bush
Song: The Chemicals Between Us
Album: The Science of Things
Tabbed by: Paul ([email protected])
Bm D E Bm7 C#
E|-2 e|-5 e|-2 e|-X e|-4
B|-X B|-X B|-X B|-7 B|-X
G|-4 G|-7 G|-4 G|-5 G|-6
D|-4 D|-7 D|-4 D|-7 D|-6
A|-2 A|-5 A|-2 A|-5 A|-4
E|-X E|-X E|-X E|-X E|-X
Ok. Basically, This is the way the chords go throughout the verse
Bm 2x D 2x Bm 2x D 2x
Bm Bm D D
I want you ...
Bm Bm D D
A love ...
Bm Bm D D
And I want ...
Bm Bm E C# DD E
The power ....
This pattern repeats itself until the chorus.
E D Bm
Chemicals between us... ...
Are lying ...
E D Bm
Chemicals ....
Lying ....

And I think that's about it.
Any additions/corrections, please email them to me at
[email protected]

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