From: [email protected] (Jeff Hayes)
Date: Thu, 21 Dec 1995 14:25:27 GMT

My personal favorite Bush song, "Alien" is once again mostly bass (this
Transcribed elsewhere by moi), but I do have the chorus and strum-along

By Bush
From the album "Sixteen Stone"

Verse 1:
Satellite comes and goes
Give each other all we know
In silence we still talk
By the light of the stereo waltz
Will you rain down
In your cinematic love truck
Gonna hold you like
Nothing's gonna stop us


F# E G F#m
And she come to take me away
She's all that I needed
I don't breathe another lover


Verse 2:
Flicker on a TV screen
Everything's more than it seems
Mighty backward fall
Stare at the light on the wall
I swear to this
She felt like velvet
Second blonde child
Like velvet, velvet


Outro (strum these chords repeatedly. the outro is basically this.)
A D/F#
(T)humb, 3rd fret, low E string
I'm an alien
You're an alien
It's a beautiful rain, beautiful rain, beautiful rain

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Jeff Hayes
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