A Little Thing
Ain't That Worth Somethin'
Ain't That Worth Something
Autobot|decepticon Battle
Can't Hide Love
Can't Live Without Love
Could This be Love
Crank That Radio
Cross That Line
Dare to be Stupid
Death of Optimus Prime
Do It All Over
Do You Remember
Don't Accuse Her
Don't Let Them Down
Don't Tell Me
Every Beat of my Heart
Everybody Needs A Hero
Fight For Love
Fight To Survive
Fire In My Heart
Free And Easy
Full Circle
Ground Zero
Hard To Find An Easy Way
Highest Calling
I Got It Bad For You
Instruments of Destruction
It Don't Get Better Than This
Keep Falling In Love
Language Of The Heart
Moon Princess Serena's Theme (Sailor Moon)
Never Ending Love
Never Stop Writing This Song
Never Surrender
Never Wanted To Fall
Nothin's Gonna Stand in Our Way
Round And Round
Somethings Never Change
Straight to The Top
Streets Of Siam
The Price Of Love
The Search is Over
The Touch
The Transformers (r) (theme)
Til All Are One
Total Surrender
What I've Got Is Real