You gets no respect when you're live as a still-born fetus
A B you C this, to prove it, a D hits
The E is, restless, so F this, who's next to get reckless
God protects this, only Malcolm X is equal
when it comes to motivatin people
Cool but at times I pack a tool like ?
Sly as a fox when I slapbox like Zsa Zsa Gabor
or get me open and I'm hell like Pandora
Before words are spoken, the herb pinch my nerve
like a Vulcan, lobotomizing MC's, splittin brain cells open
I'm dope when I make feet tap, like I'm
Sammy Davis Jr. with a glass eye full of crack
The Natural, is smokin a party like Carlos Rossi
Not Mario Van P., but run with a _Posse_
As the world turns I leave MC's with third degree burns
Get around like germs, stompin turfs like pachyderms
Sweeter than the man who made Duran say "No mas"
Cash is earned _Here and Now_ like Luther Van-dross
but I never been greedy
Ten percent of all the cash that I earn goes to the needy
They can't catch my groove, on the mic I take fools to school
Batter up, D-Wyze ties the force into a knot, smooth
Now watch the boy linger
from the shit that I produce, hits like ass on your fingers
Get it? Before the bombs blow like C-4
Priority's the label, All City is the door, slammin
Hip-Hop niggaz never heard before (Yeah?)
And givin you more and more, so check it
Brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, don't even bother
The rapper's also yo, a fuckin barber
Figured if this shit don't work I gotta have somethin to
fall back on, but for now, I stand strong
Put on my black Chuck Timberland boots
Stepped over the suede strip so I can pick up the scoop
HEYYY, hard hittin kids get loose
All samples get cleared quick, cause this crew got juice
The, habitual liar is me
I get head from off of Manny while I watch Dynasty
while I write, I write rhymes every night
I'm so bad, for what I wrote I had to fight
You punk-ass, D-Wyze'll never lose my moves
I get filthy over Joe's tracks, you can't catch my groove

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