From: [email protected] ('Yoast' Nicasie)
Subject: CRD/LYR: I'm Allowed - Buffalo Tom

Yesterday I posted a request for the lyrics to I'm allowed by Buffalo
Tom. Thanks to Ben McTernan ([email protected]) I'm
Able to post the song (along with the chords I figured out myself).
Just like an earlier post, I know the song from a semi-unplugged album
From a Dutch radio show (2 Meter Sessies, vol.5, Radio Records
477702-2, distributed by Sony), so it can slightly differ from the

I'm allowed - Buffulo Tom

G - G/F#

Em Am
Waited for an answer
Am/B C G G/F#
Cause I waited twenty-five years
Em Am
They stopped my bleeding
Am/B C G G/F#
But could never stop all those tears

Em Am
Waiting for the day when
Am/B C G G/F#
You came out from beneath all that weight
Em Am
I've tried to lift it
Am/B C G Am C
But it seems I got there too late

G Am C
Just too late
G Am C
Just too late
G Am C
I'm allowed

G - G/F#

Came to the party
But I got my own signals crossed
Thought I was welcome
But I felt like I should get lost

Know that I'm older
'Cause I feel that everywhere
I could talk to no one
'Cause I knew not one person there

No one's there
They just stared
'Cause they're allowed

As vivid as a car-wreck
Watch them dripping off highway ramps
She came to me smiling
With her heart underneath both her hands

She spoke of a French boy
At least two times through the night
It could have been the liquor
Or the music, but that is alright

That's alright
She's allowed
I'm allowed
I'm allowed
I'm allowed

,,, / \ 'She makes the sign of a teaspoon
>> [email protected] | He makes the sign of a wave'
``` \__ / --Paul Simon

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