From: [email protected] (A.vanelsas)
Subject: ALBUM : Buffalo Tom "Big Red Letter Day" v0.90

Here it is again by request. Please note that I still need two songs,
And just haven't found the time lately to figure them out myself. The major
Change in this release is the correction of alot of lyrics, thanks to Fred
Hamilton. Enjoy !
Alexander van Elsas
Album: Big Red Letter Day by Buffalo Tom (version 0.90, Juli 1994)
Compilation by P.A. van Elsas (email : [email protected])
Efren Leonida (email : [email protected])
Menno Luitjes (email : [email protected])
Jeremy Price (email : [email protected])
Ed Cheng (email : [email protected])
Fred Hamilton (email : [email protected])
Ok, being inspired by all the other people putting compilations of albums on the
Net, I figured that it was time to start something myself. I have included in
This file some tabs and crds of songs of this GREAT album by Buffalo Tom.
I don't know if the songs provided are correct. I DO know that some of the
Lyrics typed are not correct. I have listened to some songs over and over
Again, and just can't figure out what is being said.
If anyone has any additions, corrections, or extra info for the songs OR the
Lyrics for this album then please contact me. In return I will award you with
Eternal fame as your name will appear in the credit list. Hope someone will
Enjoy this. If you don't know the album, BUY IT !!!, it's well worth your money.
Also, don't pay too much attention to the chord names. My chord theory is no
Good, so they are bound to be wrong. Again, corrections are welcome !
Here yah go,
The songs are :

1. Sodajerk Attached
2. I'm Allowed Attached
3. Tree house Attached
4. Would Not Be Denied Attached
5. Latest Monkey Attached
6. My responsibility Needed
7. Dry land Attached
8. Torch singer Attached
9. Late at night Attached
10. Suppose Needed
11. Anything that way Attached
CHANGES : Added Sodajerk, Treehouse, Late at night, Dry Land, and Torch
Singer. Added more versions of certain songs.
Changed many chord names using ChordMagic posted on the net.
Since v0.75 : Added Anything that way, changed some more lyrics, added yet
Another version (sort of) of I'm Allowed !
Since v0.85 Changed MANY lyrics thanks to Fred who had the lyrics sheets !
SONG : Sodajerk (version provided by Efren)

G - - - C/G - - - Cmaj7

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