Another day, staring out of my window
thinkin' bout tomorrow,wishing things would clear

No need to rush, I ain't gonna worry
any moment my sorrow, is bount disappear
Sometimes I tell myself, I'm better of without you
and then I have to face the emptiness I feel inside without you
and find a way to make it through another day
I need a way, to find the truth within me
accept the fact that I love you, my blue eternity
I hear they say what does't kill you makes you stronger
I must have The heart of a lion
sifting through loves remains
My love for you is etched, forever in my memory
now I realize that life goes on
even though you're not here with me
I wake up looking forward to another day
a day of livin' without youI can't stand livin' without you
just another day

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