(feat. Duddy Ken)
I might talk slow
but i'm feelin fine
cus them kuntry folks sho can ryme
aint got no eyes
cause without it I shine
and them kuntry folks sho can ryme
all ahead
and i'll let me loose
and i'm doin just what they thought i'd do
with a 5th of beam
and an 8th of rogue
N' i'm outa control
you should of brought me two
I started you
with them heated vocals
don't you cross them weeded locals
my niese on wall street
with a ball creek
N' it's all sweepers
yall weakers
comin through
sunday oot
yall dummies too
don't complain
just know you wrong
gotta ask the playa whats going on
I sold my soul
for a "G" advance
some white and a quarter N' some peter pan
now broke again
????? A ?????
N' we out of jail
gonna need a chance
can't give a damn
That time of night
shinnin light
in the southern sky
plus i'm high
singing these BACKWARDS lullaby
I nullify your whole existance
in an instance
with no resistance
????? Bubba K
don't know what to say
till I smoke him senseless
on the discovery channel
at 3am
life is ????? country bum
but we aint them
got all blazed
jumped in made the water muddy
these kuntry folks sure can rhyme
it's our time
keep snoozing buddie
I aint got no home
no blow, no doh
but got a lot of game to spit at your hoe
pitbull cadillack four-door
steppin out the back with a cream Polo
the Mack tight
with a bang for the act rite
couldnt find a phillie blunt better packed tight
????? blow like the wind
kuntry folks do kuntry things
why yall gotta be knocking me
i'm on the thang till the ????? grain
gittin foul blitzed
with a box of sweats
automatic from the stattic
back seat beautiful chick with bad rabbits-(should be habbits)
wanna get crunk
ima cranke up with ya
wanna rap i'll give it to ya
D to the U double D Y Kin
fakin rock-steady like the ?????
with the gift to gab
bubba done laugh
chompin up trash
????? Chrome
as the spot wears on
Please don't make me say it twice
ATH GA baby
yall lil niggas better play it rite
now what it is
tell me what it gonna be
how you gonna do it
cus im down to die
I'm a Georgia hawse slap dooer dog
who might talk slow but shure can rhyme

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