Maybe i told you right from the start
You can have me
But you can't have my heart
It's easy enough to say but i couldn't care less
Ya i mighta told you you were on my mind
Guess i talked a pretty good line
But hey i can talk all day
But i just can't confess

That i'm a liar
I'm a victim of desire
I'm a moth into the fire
I'm over my head forget what i said
Tell ya i'm a liar
I'm just walking on the wire
I couldn't get much higher
I'm over my head - forget what i said
Baby i'm a liar

When i told you i was hard to pin down
Ya know i was just messin around
Guess you know bynow that's just my way
And if you want some storeis - well i got a few
But hey - this is the truth i swear to you
How many more times do you want me to say...

If i told ya to go away
Baby you can't believe a thing i say

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