oh thinkin` about our younger years
there was only you and me -
we were young and wild and free
now nothin` can take you away from me
we`ve been down the road before-
but that`s over now
you keep me comin` back for more

baby you`re all that i want when you`re lyin` here in my arms
i`m findin` it hard to believe we`re in heaven
cuz love is all that i need and i found it there in your heart
it isn`t too hard to see we`re in heaven

oh once in your life you find someone
who will turn your world around
bring you up when your`re feelin` down
now nothin` can change what you mean to me
there`s lots that i could say
but just hold me now-
cuz your love will light the way

i`ve been waitin` for so long
for something to arrive- for love to come along
now our dreams are coming true-
thru the good times and the bad
i`ll be standing there by you

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