>From a tin rooftop the little boy did watch
The procession down through town
Through the museum where Daniel walked the Devil
With them boys from the underground
Where the giants of science fight for tight control
Over the wild kids in North Mexico
Sam Houston's still in Texas fighting for his soul
And the towns rest so uneasy under the strains of revolt

Crying, Hey Santa Ana, you could romance the dumb into talking
Take a chance with me, Contessa
If it don't work out, I ain't lame, I'm good at walking

Now some folks they can't can't just take it
To the streets of this dusty little town
But Sam easy can and he lays the money down
Then the cats come in from the Canyon and strut their stuff in town
But there's only secret sinners here
Lord, there's only secret thieves
Only a fool would try to save
What the desert chose to leave

And I said, Hey, hey lady
With your negroes in their Spanish bandanas
French cream ain't gonna soften her boots
And French kisses ain't gonna break her heart

Now painted night set free with light
Glows outside the Rainbow Saloon
I match embraces with a Spanish lady 'neath a graduation moon
No more colleges no more coronations
Some punk's idea of a teenage nation
Has forced Santa Ana to change his station from soldier to cartoon
And the giants of science spend their days and nights
Not with wives, not with lovers, but searching for the lights
That they spotted in the desert on their helicopter flights
But they were lost in the dust and the night

They cried, Hey Santa Ana
In his juke joint rides he always brings candy for the kids
Waltz with me tonight senorita
'Cos only fools are alone in a night like this

Songs To Orphans (Part 1, 7)

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