Xero- Hold On 7" Extra Track
As Anyone Who Can Understand Any English Can See, This Lyric Seems Rather Weird. Any Natives Who Could Help Us Out???

Some People Like To Hunt In Fast
Getting Current Writing All On The Spreads
Me, I Can Take It On My Own
Cause I Always Have, I'm Done In The Morn'

I've Got My Own Ideas While I Settle ??
If I Don't Carry On I'll Tear It Straight Out
I Guess You Think I'm Eagerer Than Everyone Around
If I Do You, Can Stick It Cause You're One In The Crowd

I Don't Doublestate With You
Leave Me Alone, Let Me Go Away!
Climb Comes Before A Fall


When I Was At School I Used To Sit In Me
Better Look Around Now, Cause It's Don't You See
You'll Be ?a Still Says And? Do You Know What They Add
They're Only People Who Think They're Getting Far

Repeat Stick

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