Back From The Edge, Cds 1
Yeah, Standing By The Three Kings And I Thought I Saw A Star [mumble]
I Could Smell The Holy Spirit, It Was Coming From The Bar [mumble]

It’s Magic They Said, Back From The Dead
It’s Not Christmas Yet, God’s Not Coming Back

God’s Not Coming Back [mumble]

You Turn My Water Into Wine, You Fix My Table, It’s Just Fine
Two Ton Rocks He Rolled Away, Lepers Cured Every Sunday
["ok, Goodnight, Thank You Very Much, Be Back Next Sunday, Alright?"]

Repeat Chorus


Hanging With Magdalene
He Never Dug The Little Queen
["she’s A Little Stunner, You Know What I Mean?"]
You Look Like Ian Gillan But I Bet You Couldn’t Scream

Repeat Chorus

God’s Not Coming Back (x3)

Oh Well...

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