Tears Of The Dragon, 7" Clear Vinyl
From The Golden Brow Of A Morning Hill
The Shadows Rise In The Early Still
The Earth Is Cracked And The Dust Is Cold
The Embers Glow And The Fire Is Old

Mountains In The Sky, Lightning Cracks The Night
Shivering In The Cold Till The Morning Light
I Know This Time Around, I'm Travelling On Holy Ground
I've Robbed The Ghosts, I've Heard The Sound

So I Ride On Into The Sun
With The Shadows Of The Deeds That Were Done
I Can't Imagine What It Was To Be Alive
The Magic Is Still In The Hills

Watch The Firechild Grow (x2)

Riding On The Wind, Burning Through Your Heart
The Parliament Indian Mission Slowly Rips Apart
Promises Made, Then Willows Laid
And The World Was Thrown From The Barrel Of A Gun

Repeat Chorus

Watch The Firechild Grow(x8)


Repeat Chorus

The Magic Is Still In The Hills (x4)

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