(Brotha Lynch Hung)
roll me a motherfucking joint
check my gat nigga get my point cuz I jack
roll on foos like vice and my nine milla meter ain't nathan nice
I start jacking for blunts a black jacket and ones I get dank
Im sending niggas blood to the blood bank
you better hook me up proper
or die from my loaded heart stopper
like nut smoking up blunt for blunt
and one time you can take me if you check me if you want
cuz soon as I get my dank
you know it ain't 10 minutes later for I'm planning my next gank
and even if your down with my crew
(yo shut up man I don't understand this man, yo you get this motherfucka, I
jack him too)
so hook it up Mo Green
you know its that gat pressing up against your motherfucking spleen
gimmie all that green bud or you'll be kicking up dust off the motherfucking
straight jacket off to the next nigga
R.J. you better have a nate trigger
I don't play nigga so give it up shit
I got the same old nine that I blasted old Mo Green with foo
break yourself smooth
gimmie all that mexican sex and don't stress
I got this shit handled
put about 10 of them sacks on a motherfucking panel
and I'm out the back door
Triple Six next victim cuz foo I need a 4 O
Im might be kinda difficult
but Ima need me a 12 gage and a trench coat
lil ride the door
Triple Six in the room with some vannah on armed in the coat
telling everybody don't move I'm fiending
hit the ice box for the Old English
didnt have to use my gun
now I'm off to Green Haven I pop 8 3 1 nigga
jackpot ounce to the bounce
snatch 2 ounces then I bounce
and whatcha cant faking on the way out I saw the keys to the jeep
I might as well take it
nigga kept breaking next nigga M.C. Hobbs
foo start tripping so I put out the lights (2 gunshots)
took about 6 40's
now I'm back to the motherfucking duece while they look for me
Im in the creek getting butted and drunk
a nigga hiting homeless with the dank
and I could feel them niggas that I just ganked
coming up so I grab the gat nigga
to my head shawnte' on the trigger
better do it before I send ya home
pop pop pop pop 4 to the dome

(Shawna Coyle)
shit I really shot that motherfucka

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