Gold watch, big car, nice clothes
Now you're living where the big fat sugar daddy goes
Hey! Girlie, girl you're living on the big screen
So don't play innocent with me
Cos I know where you've been

What you get is what you see
Can't break me down cos I believe in me, in me
All I wanted was just a little bit of respect
But if sex is all you want, lay down on the bed,
See what you get

Don't go loving me no, don't you love me now
Don't go messing me around
You better, you better watch yourself
Don't go loving me now, don't you lone now
You knocked my soul to the ground
So don't go loving me now

Love, respect, honesty and trust
These are the things you took in yourself
And traded i lust
You're playing a game, have no shame

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