Chorus repeat
Do you know what it feel like?
Do you know when the time`s right
to go the very own way?
No matter what they say
I was never the one to do
the things all the people do
I`m the one to decide it
what I do is cool
Never do I listen to
what my parents try to tell me
Record only five is
not a part of my dream
(What, ah)
I always play my own things
in my own kind of trance
I like to find you in sneakers
an big baggy pants
I like going to the movies with a girl in my arm
I like boys that are cute
with a lot of charme
I like going to a party,dance a night away
Sometimes I stay in bed
and I sleep all day
And if I don`t like something,I`ll be quick to let you know
And this is how the story goes!
Chourus repeat
I`ll always be curious
about a hole to stand
and my mind always don`t
stop until you get enough
If I see something that
I like,I go and grap it
And if I can`t get it
on the same day
Ey, that`ll be another
one just for don`t sell
You have to keep your hat up
and go for your dreams,
sometimes a little harder
than what it may seen
I believe in yourself and go
for what you know,
sometimes it`s fast,
sometimes it`s slow
Never wanna see you laugh,
you wanna scream out loud,
all the others may wonder
what this is all about
It`s just us six getting
ready for the show
and this is how the story goes
Chorus repeat

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