My friends say you're so
Into me
And that u need
Me desperately
They say you say we're
So complete

But i need to hear it
Straight from you
If you want me to
Believe it's true

I've been waiting for so long
It hurts
I wanna hear you say the

Don't, Don't let me be the last
To know
Don't hold back,
Just let it go
I need to hear you say
You need me all the way
Oh,if you love me so
Don't let me the
Last to know


Your body language says
So much
Yeah,i feel it in
The way you touch
But 'till you say the words its
Not enough
C'mon and tell me
You're in love,please

CHORUS- repeat

C'mon baby C'mon Darling,
Ooh yeah
C'mon,let me be the one
C'mon now,oh yeah

I need to hear you say
You love me all the way
And i don't want to wait
Another day
I wanna feel the way you feel

Don't,let me be
The one

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Это Самая Лучшая Песня На Свете.Так держать!Дерзай Бритни!